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Introducing Apryl’s Life in A Bottle

The best tasting cold-pressed juice in Los Angeles and locally sourced!

All things healthy, all things natural, all things calm comes to mind when describing entrepreneur Ms. Apryl Sims. She has a calm demeanor and healthy glow that exudes from the inside out. Let’s find how this masterpiece was created.

Her Education

First of all, Ms. Sims doesn’t look a day over 25 but has fifty years of practical living experience coupled with over thirty-five years of Marketing, Sales and Management expertise.  Apryl was educated at Howard University with a (BBA Marketing 1984), she is the proud disciple of the late Dr. Lawrence Johnson who, taught business marketing at Howard University. Says Sims “He was a no-nonsense instructor, stern about business who also was a brilliant marketing mind”. In 1994, Apryl completed a certificate program for entrepreneurs at UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Business.

Early Training

Early Training for Sims was a family affair.  Sims comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Starting with her paternal great-grandfather Nathaniel Newman, founder of Newman & Sons Funeral Home in Shreveport, LA. Her dad, Larry Sims later founded 333 Construction Company, where Apryl acquired her outstanding work ethic. Says April, “He raised me with the understanding that whatever someone was able to pay me for my services, they had to be making more off of what I was doing for them. He would always say, I should be able to earn at least what I was being paid to do myself”. Meet Apryl Sims: Chief Juicer, Apryl’s Life In A Bottle – SHOUTOUT LA. Remarkably, Apryl was able to work with her father for the last 10 years of his life. One major and memorable project they did together was the rehabilitation of the former eatery – Wichstand, now currently known as Simply Wholesome, a Los Angeles landmark business. “My dad transitioned after completing the project, I then ended up working at Simply Wholesome as the General Manager for 24 years”. He was of the belief that it was a human responsibility to lift everyone he came in contact with. Infact, he showed his friends how to be independent contractors. Apryl will proudly let you know, “My work ethnic came from my dad, in that I paid what my dad taught me forward by helping other entrepreneurs get items to market – from hair care to herbal green popcorn, I’ve done it”. Apryl credits her experience at Simply Wholesome, ” I leaned about product consistency and great teamwork and gave many young people their first jobs there”.

Her Juice Line

Like her father, Apryl loves helping people be their best both physically and spiritually. When Apryl learned that a high school friend was ill, she wanted to help using natural methods. Realizing she could provide healthy food broken down into juice, (which helps the body breakdown food with minimal effort) she got to work! As a result, she produced a juice with all the natual ingredients needed to help the body fight. Apryl started giving out juice samples to friends and customers only to find out that they began to feel better physically and loved the taste. Her ill friend began to see their cancer numbers decline. In fact, years later they are alive.

The Business Inspiration Results = Apryl’s Life in A Bottle

The most popular of Apryl’s line ranges from $6.99 to $9.99 you can purchase healthy drinks like: Village Green Drink, Immunity Booster, Green Goodness, Orange Pineapple Carrot Beet Ginger, Pineapple Turmeric Lemon Ginger, Spicy Limeade, Grapefruit Juice, Hot Greens, Pineapple Juice and Gerie’s Juice. https://aprylslifeinabottle.com/juices/ols/products?page=1.

Apryl’s Life In A Bottle

6130 Avalon Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90003, United States

Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm Sat-Sun: Closed aprylsliab@gmail.com

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