FROM LA TO D.C. Julia Romero Gusse

By Kent O’Jon Julia Romero Gusse was born and raised in East Los Angeles. Her parents are both U.S. Naturalized Citizens originally from Mexico. Julia and her siblings are all…

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For Immediate Release: March 22, 2022, Congresswoman Maxine Waters Statement on the Nomination of Ketanji Brown Jacksonto be Associate Justice of theUnited States Supreme CourtI am proud to support the nomination…

The Forgotten Third Pillar of the American Society……..[the Prison System].

By Benjamin Adams The first two pillars of our American society are easily answered and are unquestionably the private sector and our system of government. Today, ordinary American citizens wake…

Color discrimination protest killed 10 people

More than 10000 protester on Trump house

Color discrimination strike on US

All political leader should unite on this pandemic Who Says

Trump says we can’t provide donation anymore

Political restructure after pandemic