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The Kalizion Tour

Terrell Cooper better known as Kalizion is an independent Hip Hop producer/songwriter who was born in Jackson Mississippi, His passion for music came from hearing and imitating artists such as Kool Moe Dee, 2LiveCrew, Big Daddy Kane and more. Kalizion’s ability to write and produce has given him a unique space to create in an ever-changing genre called Hip Hop.  Kalizion’s writing ability has put him with artists in genres such as Bongo Flava, Afro-beats, Rock, Blues and more.  Kalizion’s ability to adapt to any music climate is the reason he has started growing a Fanbase that’s extremely eclectic.

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Tour Schedule:

May 7, ATL, GA

June 7, Baton Rouge LA

July 7, Orlando, FL

August 7, IND, IN

September 7, Jackson MS

October 7, Memphis TN

November 7, Chicago, IL 

Media/Press Representative: Contact: Chrystal Allen – O’Jon

Cell:   615-569-9138Email: chrysallenojon@aol.com, or chrystal@ampsmagazine.com – https://ojonenterprises.com/

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