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As a woman of a ummmm “particular age”, I’ve had to use more natural products as everything else seems to break me out. I met the owner of ME naturals this past February, where she gave me products to try. Of course, I thought, “here we go another product”. I rarely endorse products; however, I must say this is first time in a long time I’ve used a face wash that cleaned my face thoroughly without striping and drying it out. Again, I’m on the oldish side, and I need little moisturizing, but I can do without break outs. The moisture spray that comes with the kit does the trick without leaving oily residue. What can I say? I’m sold on it. Also, the price is so affordable.

I got a chance to reach out to the Owner/Alzamona ‘the Creator’ with a few questions about why she created her product line. “I created these essentials initially as an alternative for myself after discovering that products with a shelf life beyond 6 months had to be stabilized to exceed a shelf life of 1 to 2yrs. After using and successfully transitioning my full body hygiene care I felt these essentials were beneficial enough to sell and share with others”. When asked about her business goals, she states ” The goal of Manifesting Energy, ltd is to be an enterprise; hire employee/contractors, become a household name and open three headquarters throughout the United States of America in order to continue to produce on a greater scale without effecting the integrity of the products”.

Below is more information from the owner. Check it out!


Manifesting Energy, ltd essential toiletries are created on behalf of anyone in the process of discovering self. Life has many obstacles, which maintaining a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be one of them. Being healthy should be as simple as… ME essential toiletries. Each item is created specifically for you and handled with love; besides that, it doesn’t exist. ME only has the ingredients, it’s totally up to you to choose to Manifest or not. You are the preservative, not a hidden harmful substance. With the best components for your bodily function ME created items so simple a child can read the recipe. If a product is too harmful for a child or an animal it shouldn’t be created or used. We are all a part of the eco. When all natural there should never be an ingredient that you can not comprehend with the naked eye… why lie? This is why, maybe they are on a mission to deny. ME brings the TRUTH, with proof…no spoof. Come along on this journey with… ME.

About the Creator…


I AM Nova’Liat in the spirit and welcome to my journey. For a long time I was in the process of becoming/returning natural. At that time I still had a misunderstanding of what all natural really was. Though there were ingredients in items that were legible I glanced and overlooked many of the others without thought. I just took it for what it was, the product said all natural and that was good enough for me. What I failed to realize was that the bad in each of those products could out weigh the good. So as much as I paid and vested, in time it defeated the purpose of my all natural journey. Reading articles here and there of the harmful substances in many of the  products I began to do my research. I knew there was some sort of way that I could defeat this obstacle. This was not a dead end road for me. Gaining patience I scoured the internet for products and remedies. I then gained clarification… I began to experiment with recipes, tweaking them to what I thought would work best. Testing and using each necessity on myself first and then extending out for proper feedback, I’ve gained recognition enough to bring forth a part of ME to You. Come along with ME and live a safe and healthy life. This is not only for me, but the ME that you see when you look into the mirror everyday. Let’s grow together while Manifesting our individual Energy… with ME natural™.

More Product Categories:

Best Oral Care
Body Care
Child Care
Face Care
Hair Care

For more information and to order product contact: Email : MEnaturals@gmail.com

ME natural-Manifesting Energy:
“I make your transition to natural easy…”



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