Met Her at a Bar & Met Him at a Bar

Husband and Wife Team Open Their Own Separate Cafe’s

AMPS LA Magazine Publisher has an aunt (Evon Hill) who has a fine-tuned eating palate. So, if she says, “the food is great!” 100% it is. Says Evon “The food and service are outstanding at both Cafe’s. I eat there every chance I can”.

Evon Hill

Met Her at a Bar –
Established in 2017, Met Her at a Bar is a hip little neighborhood cafe!
They specialize in delicious, authentic Belgian waffles, La Colombe coffees, and so much more!

Met Him at a Bar – Met Him at a Bar
Welcome to Met Him at a Bar! They are right across the street from their sister restaurant, Met Her At A Bar, and we’re thrilled to be your hip little neighborhood pasta bar! We’re serving up homemade dishes from deep in the family recipe book, mixing classic cocktails with a twist, and pouring generously from our carefully curated Italian wine list!

Their Story (as told by hubby)
It was truly a perfect starry spring night on the sunset strip when she entered, and I noticed her immediately from behind the bar. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. Time was of the essence, and I began to worry that I would lose the chance to say hello before she vanished into the LA night. “Three sheets to the wind,” I said, and I introduced myself. Unfortunately, the wind was not strong enough and I did not land her number. Thank goodness for social media! After finally tracking her down we connected, and to this day she thanks me for the stalking.

Fast forward a few years later, we opened our own café together called, “Met Her at a Bar.” So come hang with us and enjoy our homemade Belgian waffles and curated coffees!

Check them both out!

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