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Article Written By Chidell Watkins

Girlfriends Connected, founded by Chidell Watkins was established 10 years ago in Mesa Arizona with a small gathering of 8 women who wanted to have brunch with positive goal-driven women. After sharing our stories, our goals, and inspiring each other, all the ladies in attendance agreed that we should meet again! So we did! However, each brunch/meeting doubled in attendance. Girlfriends Connected is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on the connection, development, transformation, and empowerment of women of all races, and social and economic backgrounds.

Our events and activities have a strong focus on connecting women and equipping them with tools and encouragement to overcome obstacles. We promote celebrating us as women as well as the accomplishments we have achieved thus far and the ones that we have yet to come!

It has been said that women can’t get along. I disagree as over the years I have met many women from various backgrounds and ethnicities and found the complete opposite. What I have learned is that most women have the same common bond and desire to be empowered, encouraged, and surrounded by inspiring women who are also involved in helping others through community giving.

Girlfriends Connected is not like The Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, or The Real Housewives of (wherever they live) but an organization to create genuine relationships through networking and supporting one another to grow and accomplish our goals.

After experiencing some very serious life challenges in the last quarter of the year in 2021, I encourage the ladies that no matter what it looks like, their Best Is Yet To Come!

If you would like more information you could contact Chidell via email at and follow her on Instagram @girlfriendsconnected

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