Anthony Spradley

Article Written by Anthony Spradley

True Brotherhood, as displayed by the story of Jesus and his disciples, does not require the sharing of the same blood. While that is most certainly a qualification of “brothers “, it is not the end-all, because often time’s, “blood brothers” have crossed one another, even to the point of death- Cain, and Abel, anyone?!? True Brotherhood is individuals sharing the same common goals, willing one another to succeed, and often aiding and assisting one another on that journey towards success. True Brotherhood is one brother knowing that perhaps my ” Brother” may be better suited to fulfill this endeavor, so let me let him take the lead, and assist him in any way necessary, as he sees fit, not “Man, this dude thinks he’s cut like that because he can do something that you cannot. “

 One’s own selfish desires can and will often lead to destruction for the Brotherhood for lack of common self-evaluation which magnifies the impossibility of one keeping it 100 with oneself. The Impossibility of keeping it 100 with one’s own’s self, magnifies the hatred that one has for his own “Brother”, which then leads to the hope and prayer for one’s own Brother’s downfall, which can often lead to the action being carried out by the Brother(s) – do I hear Joseph and his jealous brother’s? True Brotherhood has no room for none of that. I want for my brother what I want for myself, to be successful in the present, as well as the future.

 True Brotherhood calls for the truth, as raw as it may be at times. True Brotherhood calls and allows for constructive criticism…. and the acceptance of the criticism from the Brother that is being criticized by his Brother(s). The criticism is the truth it’s supported not by feelings, but by facts with the pure intention of bettering your Brother. So the Brotherhood can be in a better situation, with a better mindset. True Brotherhood is not embarrassing your Brother when he errs, but correcting him and building him up to be better and do better the next time his number comes up. We all need to inhibit these key principles of true Brotherhood, for, after all, we are all Brothers to one another in some shape, form, or fashion. When we learn that we need to stick together instead of hurting and killing one another, then we will see the true power that we wield… as a Unit.

 So, as I end this, I charge you this task, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself. ” Do I inhabit these key principles of true Brotherhood? ” And if the answer is YES. ” Do you show them on a daily basis? ” And if the answer is NO: Then ask yourself, ” What you need to do to inhabit them ” ……. That is if you truly are your Brother’s Keeper….

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