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Trace Austin

Meet handsome, talented new music artist, Trace Austin Price, who goes by the stage name of Trace Austin. When asked about his music genre he responds,” I record multiple genres of music, varying from Hip Hop, R&B to Pop.  I recently did a song with an island vibe – reggae style”.  Trace explains, “Being born in the UK has given me a broad range in my music style. Some of my past music projects include quite a few singles out on platforms, along with an EP titled Canary Wharf, which is named after my hometown in London where I’m from”.

To young entertainers Trace advises, “Believe in yourself and have confidence. Never give up on your dreams. It just takes one person to open those doors, don’t ever let anyone dim your light, believe in yourself and work on being the best at your craft “.

When asked about music obstacles encountered, Trace says, “Being the grandson of a legendary entertainer for sixty years are hard shoes to follow, people have tried to compare me to his classical music. I have a totally different performance music genre – old school classic to new hip hop are my favorites. I feel I have to prove that I’m good in the genre of music that I perform. I also have to work twice as hard to prove that nothing was handed to me”. When asked about new projects Trace says, “I just finished a song featuring The Game, I’m also about to release a new album and I was recently on a TV show called Home Sweet Home produced by Ava Duvernay”.

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