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Entertainment Artist Spotlight (Q&A) with JYA / SINGER/SONGWRITER

  1. Your name/stage name: JYA
  2. Your Music Genre’: R & B
  3. Past music projects: I have only been releasing singles, so, I have not released any EP in the past. 
  4. Advice for young entertainers: My advice for young entertainers is to remain true to yourself, consistently put in the work to reach your goals, and do not compare or compete with anyone except yourself. 
  5. Music obstacles you encountered and how you overcame them: Sometimes, I feel uninspired to write. When that happens, I just take it as a sign that my mind needs a break and to work on other things. Don’t try to force creativity.
  6. What are you working on now? Personal and or professional: Personally, I have been working on balancing my time for self-care and work. This is a challenge for me, I usually find myself staying up all day/all night working, which is not good. Professionally, I have been working on Merch, NFTs, projects for other artists (such as features and writing), and working on a project for Euphony with Eric Seats. 

Find her: SINGER/SONGWRITER (@doseofjya) • Instagram photos and videos

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