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This is one of the most magical ways to introduce young people and some adults to the keyboard. Oh my gosh!!!! I absolutely love it and want all of my grandchildren to have one. The install instructions and process were easy, very user friendly. I wish this was around when I was a kid. It’s so fun it takes all the intimidation away from trying to learn the keyboards! Chrystal Allen-O’Jon, AMPS Magazine PHX & CA ; Co-Producer of Next Great Drummer Nationwide Search & Owner at

About MeloQuest

A music e-learning game company founded in 2019, Keys & Kingdoms by MeloQuest is an epic adventure piano learning game used by parents, students, teachers, and healthcare providers. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Keys & Kingdoms is aligned with education and healthcare for children ages 6-15 to gain effective piano skills, while playing an epic adventure game. The company’s objective is to help teachers and healthcare providers assess, find, and close musical gaps in their classrooms or therapy
while “revolutionizing learning music.”

Keys & Kingdoms offers the world’s first music education game adaptive to children’s emotions. Using algorithms and its proprietary SRM (Sight Reduction Method), the game can determine whether a child is engaged, challenged, or frustrated, and adapt accordingly. Keys & Kingdoms features multiple levels of gaming through an epic adventure, teaching over 100+ songs that address each learner’s individual needs. The game also features 24/7 reporting, highlighting for teachers’ additional attention. Keys & Kingdoms has grown to service 3 combined districts (210,000 students), 75 independent schools (38,000 students), 5 children’s hospitals (5000 patients), and 1500 North American users in the past year. Becoming one of the fastest-growing music education startups with the best product on the market for children ages 6-15. “Fan Favorite” by Start Engine (Mr. Wonderful) and 4.5-star reviews by customers. quoted us “As A Tutoring Tool, It Is Absolutely Phenomenal and Probably One of The Best on The Market, especially for the 6-15 Audience.

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