Comedian Danna Kiel

Comedian Danna Kiel brings Southern wit blended with Gen X Soul and West Coast charm to every stage.  She is the Co-Emcee and performs weekly at Flappers Comedy Club’s Wacky Wednesdays. She was selected and has performed in the Black Women in Comedy Festival, The Memphis Urban Laughs Festival, the North Carolina Comedy Festival, was also selected Best of Fest in the 2021 Burbank Comedy Festival and is the Winner of the Cheap Comedy Festival 2021.  She serves up comedy to and from the ancestral plane all while grounded in the daily realities of Adulting, Gut Health and a civilized yet hysterical American experience. Danna Kiel is a VO Talent, actress and the mother of one ah-mazing son. 

Check out one of her shows:

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