Boss Kids Braiding Academy – Wants to Teach Nationwide

Boss Kids Braiding Academy’s objective is to train students in the globally demanding field of hair extensions. We employ qualified and skilled teachers who take their time to demonstrate and thoroughly explain every technique.    At Boss Kids Braiding Academy we teach kids to become professional braiders, wig makers, hair weavers and extension technicians.   We offer our 100% guarantee that when you complete training with us, you will confidently begin your career in braiding, wig making or weaving and extension skills and receive a Boss Braiders Booth. Obtaining this skillset will will help recover the training investment and provide a fruitful career.

Boss Kids Braiding Academy

When owner, Pashyon Jackson was asked about why she created this training, she responds, “What made me start this, is growing up knowing that there are no braiding schools teaching this skilled technique. This was something you had to learn on your own”. Further, she states “Even when I enrolled in cosmetology school, braiding wasn’t taught either. I’ve always said I was going to do my own (braiding school) since I was a youth. Since I’ve mastered braiding for 20 plus years, I’ve decided to give my gift back globally to youth and teach them braiding. Currently, I hold classes in Lancaster, California but am available to hold teaching sessions for students on break periods nationwide and soon internationally. Braiding played a big part in saving my life.”

Ms. Jackson’s goal for Boss Kids Braiding Academy is to build a foundation they can all call home. “The academy I operate out of, is our second location salon, which could use upgrading”. Additionally, her goal for the academy is to teach and develop a technique that can assist kids in obtaining a future career. These techniques will start and build a series of opportunities in the hair industry. “My heart is big, and my dream has always been to give back to youth in inner cities due to my own struggles as an adolescent. My goal is to pour out to as many communities as the communities pour back into me. This is my vision and my mission”.

Boss Kids Braiding Academy

For more information contact Owner:

Pashyon Jackson
Cell: 661-770-1491
Instagram: bosskidsbraidingacademy
Instagram: _bossbraids19

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